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Vip Morocco Trips is a company of passionate travel specializing in Private and customized Morocco tours to inspiring destinations run by two brothers found their passion for culture and language amongst the majestic sand dunes of Morocco “Erg Chebbi” in Merzouga. At Erg Chebbi they led a pure nomadic childhood with their Familly, wandering through the Sahara desert with their parents and camels having only a simple tent for shelter.

Then, they have attended Fez University, where they gained their degree in English studies and tourism. They learn on training period, experiences, Morocco events like “Aicha du gazelle”  more about Moroccan History, geography, culture, and  hospitality


Vip Morocco Trips not only committed to arranging a memorable and inspiring Morocco holiday. But also committed to ensuring your security and comfort throughout Morocco trips.

When you take a tour with us, you can fell total confident knowing we have staff in every Morocco city who are ready to accommodate your needs…From your pick to your return home, We are ensure that your tour in Morocco is authentic, and include what you had imagined…

Come to see Morocco with Us.

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